Bonus Sessions

From “Behavior to Belonging” with Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kate MacLeod

Inclusive Pre-K Practices with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Dr. Isela Garcia, and Ijumaa Jordan

  1. When we start with “how to teach” we miss the opportunity to sit beside and get to know the child
  2. Assessment, instruction, and play are synonyms and occur simultaneously…with play at the center of all that we do
  3. Shift our mindsets (regardless of where instruction takes place) so we see our work as being with children vs. doing to children

Reimagining Special Education in a Post-Pandemic World with Dr. Jenna Rufo and Dr. Julie Causton

Description coming soon!

Leveraging the Power of Paraprofessionals with Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Description coming soon!

Latest Legal Updates for Serving Students with Disabilities During the Pandemic

With attorney, advocate, and father Pat Radel, Esq. and guest, Luke Radel (his son a brother of Mark who is a student with an IEP).

Navigating the Change Process and Overcoming Resistance with Dr. Tanya Fredrich

Description coming soon!