August 5 – Livestream Presentations

Pat Radel


Title: Special Education Law: Myths & Realities

Video of Mark Radel

Video “My Name is Mark”

Mark’s Friends

Keith Jones

President and CEO

Title: re-imagine, re-Examine and, re-CREATE

Patrice Fenton

Founder of The Fenton Collective

Title: Filling Up the Well: Centering Wellness as a Transformative Force in our Schools

Day 3 On-Demand Sessions

Option 1: Early Childhood On-Demand: Race, Ability, and Equity with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ijumaa Jordan, and Dr. Isela Garcia [video]

Graphic Recording: Early Childhood Race, Ability & Equity [jpg] [pdf]

Option 2: On-Demand: Your Inclusion Quotient (IQ) with Dr. Julie Causton [video]

Click here to download Julie Causton’s Inclusion Quotient PDF