The PA Inclusion Collective On-Demand Series

Hosted And Taught By…

Dr. Julie Causton

Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak


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Session-by-Session Resources and Recordings

Session 1: Inclusive Education - What, How, and Why

Jenna Headshot

With special guest Dr. Jenna Rufo 



Link to Session 1 [Vimeo video] [YouTube with CC]

Key PPT slides [pdf]

Sharable Handouts and Resources

  • Definition of Inclusion Handout [pdf]
  • Research on inclusion [link]
  • Winnie the Pooh video and PPT (see description section of the video)

Link to videos from PBS series:

Session 2: Innovative Inclusive Virtual Instruction

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With guest Dr. Jenna Rufo



Link to Session 2 [Vimeo] [YouTube with CC option]

Key PPT slides [pdf]

Sharable Handouts and Resources

  • Definition of Inclusion Handout [pdf]
  • ZOOM Makeover tips [pdf] + FB live session [video]
  • 100 ways to teach virtually [pdf]
  • 2021 Schedule


Session 3: Differentiation and Paraprofessional Support

Link to Session 3 [Vimeo] [YouTube with CC option]

Key PPT slides [pdf]

Sharable Handouts and Resources

Other PD Opportunities

Session 4: Supporting Students with Behaviors That Challenge Us

Co-teaching with special guest Otto Lana


Link to Session 4 [Vimeo] [YouTube with CC option]

Key PPT slides [pdf]

From Behavior to Belonging book

2021 PD and Class Schedule

  • Coupon code = pasave20

Sharable Handouts and Resources

  • Beyond Treats article [pdf]
  • Teach Before the Peak Infographic [pdf]
  • Download the 4 Ss handout with definitions and actions for working with children and adults to ensure they are safe, seen, soothed, and secure. Link to  ALL 8 DOWNLOADS
  • Stress Detective Checklist (ECE version) [pdf]
  • Guide to Reducing Stressors [pdf]

Shared During the Live Session

  • First Masterclass for Paras where we discuss key concepts around supporting big emotions [Vimeo]
  • Seclusion and restraint resources [pdf]
  • Planned ignoring
  • All of Dr. Kristie's resources on the 4's and how to offer lifelines [Google DRIVE doc] – this includes how to to help children stay in the green zone. There are 100s of resources embedded in the DRIVE doc.


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